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Grace Howard

Freelance Journalist & Copywriter

Copywriter and freelance journalist who enjoys writing about fashion (particularly fashion tech, the latest from the runway, and the inner-workings of the fashion industry) and beauty.

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Couture Fashion Week: The Highlights

Sometimes, when the world feels like it's going wrong, you've just got to turn off the news, switch off your phone and throw yourself into frothy comforts that take you on holiday in your head. Here at Fashion Fix Daily, we (perhaps unsurprisingly) like to vouch for the blissful escapism of fashion shows.

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The Brands Forecasting Fashion's Future

In the fashion industry, there’s nothing as sure as change. While it’s impossible to know where fashion’s future is heading, the recent movements of the disruptors and innovators are always worthy of taking notes from. We’ve taken a look into how forward-thinking brands are analysing people-powered data to improve their services, and using insight and trends to shake up their business models.

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Defying Retail: Beauty Doors Keep Opening

To say that technology has changed the way that we shop is an understatement, but we shouldn’t assume the worst about the future of bricks-and-mortar retail. As consumer beauty spending is on the rise, so are the openings of new beauty stores. So how are brands ensuring that their customers are hyped to come through their doors, when they could just as easily shop online?

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Visual Search Technology: The Next Big Thing in Fashion Retail?

We live in a visual-centric society. Words are commonly replaced with emojis, teenagers keep up with the news through Snapchat Discover channels, and our Facebook feeds are now cluttered with videos and Instagram embeds instead of lengthy status updates. It makes sense, then, that our online research habits are moving the same way. Visual search technology is on the rise, and it’s a particularly promising prospect for the image-focused fashion retail sector.

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Achieving Cult Beauty: Indie Brands Rule

The democratisation of the beauty business has ushered in a new wave of niche brands that are beginning to dominate the market. Cult beauty is booming, and we haven’t yet reached its peak. Here, we take a look at some of the savvy beauty brands that have found success in keeping up with digital trends and the lucrative millennial market.

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Which of These Weird Instagram Beauty Trends Would You Try?

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty clueless when it comes to make-up. Sometimes it feels like there really are only two types of people in the world: people who can’t properly match foundation to their skin tone, and people who can do magical things to their faces. If you fall into the latter camp, then congratulations: you win in the game of life… and you’re probably winning in the Instagram stakes, too, with a feed full of perfectly executed close-up shots of your glittery lips, unicorn eyeliner, holographic eyeshadow and ‘on fleek’ (is that still a thing?) highlight. I am equally in awe of, and confused by, Instagram make-up gurus, who seemingly have no qualms over putting weird and wonderful things on their faces because, well, art. But for every devastatingly pretty look, there is something that blows my mind – and not necessarily in a good way.

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The History of Pink – And How Millennial Pink Stole Our Hearts

According to the fashion gods, pink is having a moment – though here at FFD, we're big fans of pink all year, every year, so we're left wondering if it really ever left. Here, we track the fashion highs and lows of the ever-divisive shade.

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New Loyalty for the 'Always On' Consumer

Today’s consumers are spoilt for choice, with an endless number of brands to choose from, most of them offering discounts to lure in new shoppers. And therein lies the tyranny of choice: when we have so many options, staying loyal to a mere handful of brands seems impossible, especially when social media – and the digitisation of the fashion industry in general – means that new brands can be conceived overnight.

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The New Fashion is Health and Wellness

The rapid growth of the health and wellness market has tapped into all the symptoms of struggling millennials to become a booming market for boutique workouts, and feel-good fast concepts.

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Phew – Summer's Come Early! Time for Iced Coffee... 🔆

Your caffeine addiction doesn't need to take a hit just because it's hot outside. Iced coffee is your friend, my friend...

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E!'s 'So Cosmo' Reviewed: Is This 2017 or 1997?!

The fly-on-the-wall fashion documentary genre has boomed in recent years. They’re compulsive viewing, offering a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors in an industry that too often positions itself in an ivory tower. As someone who grew up wanting to work for a glossy, I’ve watched (and loved) many: The September Issue, The Last Monday in May, The Model Agency, Inside British Vogue and, most recently, Inside Dior. All have succeeded in both squashing fashion industry stereotypes and, occasionally for comic effect, perpetuating them. The latest of the bunch, E!'s So Cosmo, only really does the latter

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Why Do We Food Shame Online?

The other problem with social media is that it's not always right. In the realm of 'clean eating' and suchlike, it's an echo chamber. OG health bloggers have built entire empires through the brainwashing of their largely female audience. Isn't it nice when a woman tells another (probably younger, more impressionable) woman that her eating habits are crap, and that, if they just ate a bit more kale, they could transform their skin, their bodies, their entire lives? This 'food-shaming' might be more acceptable if the hypochondriac bloggers could back up their claims with science but, as a recent Horizon episode concluded, they can't.

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Sober and Sensible: Have we Become a Generation of Saffys?

There's something strangely prophetic about Absolutely Fabulous, at least when it comes to Saffy Monsoon's ever-cautious persona. Amidst the exaggerated 80s hedonism, staid 20-something Saffy was ever the voice of reason, and the opposite of her mother, Edina, who, over the course of the show's first episode, worked her way through a bag of cocaine, and knocked back more booze in a day than most of us do over a particularly indulgent week.

One doesn't typically encounter many modern-day Patsy Stones or Edina Monsoons in the real world, and I'd hazard a guess that your mum doesn't swig bolly or don Lacroix on the reg. Consider, though, how many Saffys are in your life. If you fall somewhere between the ages of 18 and 35, you probably know plenty of them. And they're probably not your grandparents, either, as our generation is increasingly driven by careers, education and self-improvement.